Seminar: national, organizational, familial, and personal resilience


Recent times, especially the year 2020, have placed the importance of resilience in the forefront of everyday life, at the personal, familial, organizational, and national levels.

The term RESILIENCE, its components, and the ways to establish it change when regarding each of the different layers. 

However, viewing them as a whole enables the establishment of a holistic, integrated optimal response. 

Acquiring adequate tools contributes significantly to recognizing the variables influencing resilience and adapting to the new reality in each of the levels.

This seminar, which is led by experts in reliance and incorporates academic and practical contents, introduces an innovative, synergetic approach in resilience regarding its different circles- private, familial, organizational, and national. 

In this unique seminar, we tailor the lectures to the target audience, emphasizing executive lectures and the importance of maintaining each person's resilience in the organization and understanding everyone's challenges in the shared reality of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency security events.