• Israeli Security Agency (ISA) - Over 35 years in the Israeli security sector in Israel and abroad.

  • Risk Auditing and Analysis - Performing operational auditing, dedicated cross-sector reviews, and risk analysis in Israel and abroad.

  • Red Team - Management of the operational reviews and offensive simulations in Israel and abroad in the security sector.

  • Foreign Relations - Establishing foreign relations between governmental entities and providing solutions for crises between associate organizations overseas.

  • Professional Guidance - Writing security procedures, guidelines, and regulations in the ISA and the ISA's guided entities.

  • Training - Writing lessons and security training programs.

  • Training management in the ISA, the ISA's guided entities, and foreign security entities.

  • Management and command roles - Including operational field units.

  • Multidisciplinary expertise in security - Aviation, delegations, dignitary protection, facilities, seamanship, and information security.


Key management roles

  • Seamanship Security Unit - Haifa and Eilat ports.

  • Israeli Security Agency (I.S.A) 

    • Regional Security Director - Performing real-time evaluations of the Israeli security operational disciplines' level in different geographical areas globally.

    • Headquarters security unit

    • Information security unit.

    • Dignitary Security Unit - Management of the security inspection unit, with emphasis on PM protection.

    • Red Team unit


Central training

  • Academy of Security professions - Israeli Security Agency (I.S.A)

    • Aviation Chief Security Manager.

    • Embassies Chief Security Manager.

    • Information Chief Security Manager.

    • Management and execution of internal and external audits.

    • Security training management.



  • Public Administration, University of Haifa - MA

  • Management of information security at large organizations, Tel Aviv University - under ISO27001



  • Hebrew, English, French, Arabic