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RED TEAM- see through the eyes of the attacker

Thinking like an attacker is essential to building a better security system.

As an ISA #1 expert in management, establishing a RED TEAM operational concept, and the execution of hundreds of attacks on various secured targets around the world (dignitary, aviation, official delegations, and border crossings), I deliver the customer a realistic reflection of the situation on the ground. 


Our RED TEAM's attacks (drills) are the closest simulations to the scenarios the opponent is likely to imply in the real world. 


According to the organization's needs and requirements, the RED TEAM's attack can focus on a specific area or a range of fields.


In the end, we present the customer an operational report, which displays:

  • A real picture of the security level, its effectiveness in the face of a potential attacker, and what it would choose as a course of action.

  • Recommendations for closing gaps and improving security and the required response, streamlining work procedures, and save time and money.

  • The documentation of the entire RED TEAM's work, in writing, video footage, and stills.

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