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Do you know the level of risk in your organization?

Risk assessment management principles are the underlying fundamentals of examining the organization's risk, threat, and vulnerability levels - regulations and guidelines.


What is a risk? 

A potential internal or external event that can harm an organization's designation and function, according to its severity. 


Risk assessment refers to these terms:

  • PROBABILITY- the likelihood of the occurrence of an event.

  • IMPACT- the degree of influence the damage has on the organization's function. 

  • RISK EVALUATION- a process aimed at recognizing the risks, determining their measure/index, and grading them according to their volume of damage.

The risk assessment process ensures the rapid identification of threats and vulnerabilities while calculating security risks and providing a quantitative assessment of your risk level.


Our team of skilled security risk assessment consultants will conduct comprehensive research and investigations to diagnose and accurately understand your specific risk profile accurately.

Yet, it is about more than just identifying and quantifying risks.

We will also work with you to create an integrated reduction plan that reduces each risk's potential impact.

The integrated operating system will include the test reviews of the following:

  • Current security strategy, including all systems and procedures 

  • Physical assets such as buildings, contents, factory and equipment, staff, visitors, and contractors

  • Data services

  • And sensitive information held in enterprise IT systems, supply networks, all third-party vendors

  • Company processes

We tailor our recommendation solutions to your business needs and always consider your organization's operational demands.


As independent security consultants with decades of experience, our advice is objective and impartial.

Our sole purpose is to reduce security risks, improve operational effectiveness, and make you feel safe and secure.

The risk and vulnerability assessment process includes the following:

  • An initial consultation, where we will agree on the assessed areas, and according to the criteria, we will execute the assessment.

  • Typically, areas of evaluation may include the following:

    • Security systems

    • Policies and procedures

    • Security guards

    • Security responses

    • Security operations


Security Status Report:

At the end of the process, we handle you a report that provides a snapshot of your security assessments' status quo.


By leveraging our experience and resources, we can help you narrow your security risk assessment profile and get the most out of your existing security environment.

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