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Organizational resilience- emphasizing the human component in the organization

As a fundamental building block of resilience, we examine the components of organizational resilience and analyze organizational resilience elements, emphasizing the organization's human component.

We focus on the human organizational structure- staff, intermediate level, and senior management.

Two critical components related to the employees' sense of resilience are:

  • WELLBEING- in its primary meaning, the wellbeing of the organization's employees and understanding the pressures that act on them as a significant tier in its functioning.

  • ENGAGEMENT- a central source of support for the employee.

A very prominent factor found in dealing with resilience is burnout. Therefore, we discuss ways to build resilience and avoid burnout modes. 


Intermediate rank - the middle manager's crucial importance on its staff, the middle manager's role in the conflict of values between the senior management and the team.

Senior Management - 

  • VUCA - conduct in a world of uncertainty. This term entered the military world in the late 1980s and was adopted by the business world after the "September 11 attacks". Over the years, organizations adapted this term to their use.

  • A successful organization has: 

    • Risk radar - resources and the ability to be flexible 

    • Information flow

    • Quick response-ability

    • Learning from experience

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